Attention students, after Feburary 1st, 2021, the Coding Bootcamp Prep course and the Programming 101 will be shut down. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the course material or the website. Thank you for all of your support in the past. It has been a pleasure teaching all of you. If you have questions or would like reocmmendations on how to continue your programming journey, please reach out at [email protected].



Hi. I'm Madeline LeClair, a software engineer in NYC. I got my start as an engineer by attending a coding bootcamp called App Academy. Attending App Academy and learning to code changed my life. I got a job that I liked, looked forward to going to work, and had disposable income.

Before I started to program, I didn't know anything about coding. Heck, I couldn't even save a ruby file. A lot of my friends who also went to coding bootcamps didn't have a background in programming either. To get into the bootcamp of their choice, many of them took bootcamp prep classes. These classes cost my friends over $600 to take. I found this ridicules and wanted to make a better, and cheaper, alternative for people who wanted to go to a coding bootcamps like App Academy, Codesmith, Fullstack Academy, and other top bootcamps. Thus Programming 101 was born.

Programming 101 is an online school dedicated to helping new programmers learn to code, get into the coding bootcamp of their choice, and understand what it's like to be a fullstack developer or software engineer without spending an arm and a leg.

Our Products

  • Coding Bootcamp Prep

    Programming 101 is an online school that I created to teach new programmers to code. The first course in the school is called Coding Bootcamp Prep. The course contains 6+ hours of video content and 100+ lectures on JavaScript to help students get admitted to the bootcamp of their choice.

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  • All Things Programming

    All Things Programming is a blog that introduces new programmers to useful programming topics. Topics covered include the different parts of a web application, how to create a resume that will get you hired as a software engineer, and the different parts of a web application.

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